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JENNIFER BOUDINOT is a Brooklyn-based freelance writer, content strategist, and book packager. After beginning her career as a editor in the publishing division of Barnes & Noble specializing in illustrated non-fiction, in 2009 she became a full-time freelancer, continuing her work in books and also writing for websites including The Huffington Post, Paste, Collider, and StarTrek.com. A published humorist, her satire credits include The National Lampoon, Points in Case, and The Belladonna Comedy. She’s the ghostwriter of the bestselling book Who Knew? and many others and is an accomplished copywriter, haven written for brands like The Tony Awards, MillerCoors, and DePaul University. She also owns the book packaging company Green Tiger Books, which works with prominent publishers to make printer-ready books from scratch.

Photo by Mai Iskander

Photo by Mai Iskander


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I’ve written books about cooking and cocktails, humor articles for The Huffington Post and The National Lampoon, and have contributed original articles to Paste and ChicagoIdeas.com.


Copywriting & Content

I have a well-rounded base of skills when it comes to copywriting and content, including experience with print media, website copy, expert-level skills in all social media platforms, and image and video editing for web.

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Advocacy Work

Currently in the process of forming a non-profit, I volunteer my time advocating for survivors of sexual assault, having appeared on local and national television and the front page of the Chicago Tribune.


Ghostwriting Projects

I’ve ghostwritten books and articles for celebrities, prominent authors and companies, and publishers, including the bestselling “As Seen on TV” hit Who Knew?

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Made from Scratch

Green Tiger Books is my book packaging company, which delivers printer-ready books from scratch for publishers including Quarto Book Group and St. Martin’s Press.

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Need a freelance writer? Want to talk to me about my advocacy work? Want more info about some of the services I provide? Here’s how to contact me.


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